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Sessions 1 & 2 combined: $220


The first session (2 hours) involves a review of your health history and goals, 3-day food journal, and the results of a symptom questionnaire. It also focuses on a physical evaluation utilizing NRT which gives valuable feedback on specific allergies, toxins, and organs. There is no bloodwork required. After identifying the reason behind your symptoms, we will isolate and verify the precise supplements your body needs to resolve its problems, a process that typically takes around 4-6 months.

A second session (1 hour) reviews the report of findings based on the data collected from the first visit, from which a personalized supplement plan is prepared.


Follow-up visits: $65 each 


Monthly follow-up visits (45 min) are needed for 4-5 months to monitor progress, systematically clear allergies, adjust doses, and support the healing process completely.


Supplements are additional. In most cases $35-$45 a month for the first 4-5 months will cover all the supplements needed; less for maintenance. (There is no particular brand I use; I choose from multiple brands to find ones that are clean, effective, and inexpensive if possible.)


*Option* Weekly payment plan for 4 months that covers the first 4 follow-up visits PLUS any supplements needed during that time: $30/wk 

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