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Sessions 1 & 2 combined: $260

The first session (2 hours) involves a review of your health history and goals, 3-day food journal, and the results of a symptom questionnaire. It also focuses on a physical evaluation utilizing NRT which gives valuable feedback on specific allergies, toxins, and organs. There is no bloodwork required. After identifying the reasons behind your symptoms, we will isolate and verify the precise supplements your body needs to resolve its problems, a process that typically takes around 4 months.

A second session (1 hour) reviews the report of findings based on the data collected from the first visit, from which a personalized supplement plan is prepared. At this session we will also do some allergy-clearing of the most critical allergies, and then provide the supplements you need to get started.

Follow-up Visits for first 4 visits: $115 each 

Monthly follow-up visits (45 min) are needed for 4 months to monitor progress, systematically clear allergies, adjust doses, and support the healing process completely.


Supplements are additional. In most cases $40-$50 a month for the first 4-5 months will cover all the supplements needed; less for maintenance. (There is no particular brand I use; I choose from multiple brands to find ones that are clean, effective, and inexpensive if possible.)

Maintenance Visits: $65 each 

Typically the majority of symptoms are resolved within 4-5 months; at that point clients can go on a "maintenance" of minimal supplements and visit frequency at that point is however often they choose.




What is involved in a health program with Abundant Life?


What I find so amazing about the way we’re created is that if the body is given the essential nutrients and cleared of allergies (especially auto-immune allergies), it can and will repair itself.

Thank goodness, I've learned how to condense this process into months instead of years for my clients; in fact, typically at least 80% of my clients' concerns are resolved in the first 4 months, and they usually spend less than $50/month for supplements during that time.  After that, supplementation is minimal if any, and visit frequency is up to them!


Other programs:

  • cost $500-$1000/mo for visits & supplements

  • require a 6-9 mo commitment

  • do not clear allergies OR

  • charge a hefty price ($150) per allergy cleared

  • do not address auto-immune allergies

  • do not test you for exactly which supplements your body needs

  • utilize pricey marked-up supplement brands

This program:

  • Costs $150/mo for visits and supplements

  • 4-mo commitment

  • Test for and clear auto-immune allergies

  • Multiple allergies cleared each session at no extra charge

  • Test for and address DNA mutations and much more

  • NRT to give specific biofeedback on which supplements your body needs

  • Utilize inexpensive but effective brands of supplements 


A *lot* of healing happens in those first 4 months, and then after that tune-up visits are easier as it is usually just working on a few things, because life and stress have a way of getting us slightly off-kilter again.

I love being your Health Detective and seeing the progress happen! 

If you have a belief inside of you that you are NOT meant to be living in pain, anxiety, hormone imbalance, fatigue, etc., please reach out as I am SO honored to help you on the journey to resolve those.

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