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  • My doctor can’t figure out what’s wrong with me/says there’s no cure for this condition; why will this method help me?
    ​The immune system God created is designed to HEAL if only fed properly and given the chance! I’ve run into very few conditions that the immune system wasn’t able to reverse once supplied with the proper nutrients and cleared of any allergies. Rest assured there’s always a reason for your symptoms! Like I’m fond of saying, if you took your car to the mechanic and told him your car takes half an hour to get started in the morning, abruptly dies on the highway every afternoon, regularly overheats the engine, and won’t go over 35 miles an hour, and he told you there was nothing he could do for it--#1, would you really accept it, and #2, wouldn’t you go find a different mechanic?!! You would not accept that and yet that’s what we do with our bodies! We accept that it’s normal, and it’s not!
  • ​Why haven’t I heard of this method before?
    Quite a few chiropractors across the country do in fact utilize Nutrition Response Testing, and some also clear allergies. However the reason what we do isn’t mainstream is because—quite simply—drug companies don’t make money in finding solutions that allow people to get off their meds. What I use is as inexpensive as possible: supplement cost is typically under $50/month and visit cost can be spaced out using the app Afterpay by Square if it is easier on your budget.
  • How can this method solve so many different health conditions?
    My philosophy is health should not be difficult. The medical system has hundreds of names for different diseases, but I’ve found there are really only 6-7 categories of things that can stress the body and cause malfunction! As to reversing those conditions, there are basic nutrients God supplied us with, and I’ve learned it’s about going back to the basics. I’ve tried the fancy, expensive formulas for this and that condition, for eliminating toxins, etc, and nothing beats supplying the basic minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and healthy fats that are the building blocks of every cell and hormone in the body. The trickier part is figuring out how much and how often, plus supporting the detox process that happens once you properly nourish the body and feed the immune system, because it will promptly start the long-overdue process of deep housecleaning. This can lead to undesirable effects (known as Herxheimer reactions) unless you know how to support it. But that’s what I do FOR you at Abundant Life - make sure everything in your body is supported so you feel as good as possible during the healing process!
  • Does insurance cover this?
    Unfortunately insurance does not cover what I provide. However, clients who have HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) can use these for my services. Although I wish insurance companies would cover proactive, REAL solutions to people’s health, I always maintain that it’s better to pay for something that actually works, than to have “free” care that actually solves none of one’s problems. How much is your health worth to you?
  • Why are typical over-the-counter "cleanses” not completely effective?"
    Each of us has a unique combination of toxin accumulation, so it is very difficult to create over-the-counter formulas that can achieve true detoxification in the order your body can use it. Like cleaning out a closet stuffed full, things have to come out in a certain order! Every closet is different; every person is different also.
  • I take supplements already; how will this help?
    If you feel like all your health issues are resolved with what you’re taking, then great! Don’t change a thing! But if not, then you’re still missing out on something your body needs to properly detoxify; or quite likely there’s one or more allergies to clear. Without being tested, it’s next to impossible to know your toxin load and how much of certain supplements you need to get rid of it; and I’ve found no supplement will get rid of food/pollen allergies, only specific techniques such as use of the special laser which we use here at Abundant Life. ​ Personally I believe nothing beats a personal health evaluation which checks for deficiencies and toxins and tests for your optimal supplements and customized dose, as everyone is different! For example, fish oil that nourishes one person causes major digestive upset in another person. Regular B Vitamins work for one person and need to be in a special form for another (such as with the MTHFR mutation). One person needs a supplement 7 days a week; another person needs it only 3 times a week. How are you to know unless you get tested?? ​One client was relieved to find out she was actually taking way TOO much for what her body needed and saved hundreds of dollars a month after coming to see me. For myself, even though I was used to taking a few things like fish oil and Vitamin D, my health did not start really improving until I got specifically tested via Nutrition Response Testing. Starting a program of supplements customized to my individual need and toxin load was the key to the turnaround. Results happened right away, and my health only continues to get better and better! If YOU want real results by all means don’t delay; call us and let us help sort out what you need and don’t need; in the process you might just discover that your own health only gets better and better!!
  • I’m on a limited budget; will I be able to afford this?
    Fortunately, the supplements I recommend are not expensive—very few are over $20 and most are from $8-$15. I accept Afterpay by Square, which is a buy now, pay later service that allows you to pay a cost in 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. (Check the Google Play Store to download the app.) I have seen that my clients get so much better results when they take what is customized for their body's needs rather than wasting money trying this or that and not knowing if it benefits them, all the while struggling with the same symptoms! Another thing that is helpful: I am not product-exclusive; I will also test you on YOUR OWN supplements if you have them, and if it’s something your body likes, especially if it will support the detox process, I encourage you to use what you have, thereby saving $$ also!
  • How soon will I see results?
    Most of my clients see dramatic changes in the first few days, with more happening over the next few months. But Rome wasn't built in a day and, for most of you, your health didn't fall apart in a day either. It may take a period of months for you to witness your health's complete transformation. After all, a garden doesn't come to fruition overnight and our bodies are compensating for a lot of previous abuse!
  • How long will it take to reverse my symptoms?
    ​Most people, if they are regularly taking their supplements, eating clean foods, and coming in at least every 3-4 weeks to be checked, are able to have the majority of their health issues resolved in 4-6 months. For more difficult cases it may take up to 8-9 months. Just remember that it took years and years to get to this place; a few months to reverse it all is nothing. :)
  • Will I need to be on any special diet?
    Besides encouraging you to get in vegetables and raw fruits, and clean sources of protein (grassfed beef if possible, wild-caught fish, hormone-free poultry, etc) and healthy carbs, I do not make rigid food guides. Suggestions I do make are based largely on blood type, as foods that one person thrives on will not sustain another, again reflecting a key principle I hold: individuality and custom-tailoring. The main things to avoid are hydrogenated & partially hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners/colors or food containing MSG (both are neurotoxins that kill brain cells). White sugar/white flour is damaging too, but not as dangerous as the previous two. I am an advocate of whole, traditional, unprocessed foods. Rule of thumb: if your Grandmother ate it, it’s probably okay! (To assist weight loss we can get a little more specific.)
  • Will this program help me lose weight?
    Yes!! Many clients lose weight when common food allergies are cleared such as wheat and dairy, especially if they are trying to cut down on processed foods. Often the biggest obstacle slowing their weight loss is an allergy to their own thyroid hormone which slows metabolism to 1/3 or 1/2 of optimal performance. (This allergy can be cleared along with others.) Other ways to lose weight are covered under the page "Fitness/Weight Loss." Clients can receive personalized recommendations based on their blood type/metabolic type also. Also HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is awesome to put your body into fat-burning mode hours AFTER you workout. Check out our Workout page for FREE videos to follow at home, some with no equipment needed.
  • What do I do with my prescription medications?​
    Continue taking them as prescribed by your M.D. Nothing I recommend will interfere with medications. However, be aware that as these nutritional products start supporting your body’s ability to function properly, you will need to consult with your physician, as your dosage for any prescription medications you are on may need to be adjusted as they may get too strong for you. Remember your goal is to get healthy enough that you no longer require medications!
  • Why should I choose this program over others?
    The depth and completeness of this approach outrivals any other I’ve seen—and I have attended many seminars and listened to & learned from the most progressive alternative doctors and clinicians of our day. They all seem to leave something out that hinders effectiveness. By removing scar interference, clearing any allergies, restoring mineral and enzyme levels, and addressing parasites/infections, you WILL be getting rid of ALL toxins in this process and rebuilding to full health all organs and glands. It's like completely renovating a house versus doing a quick paint job on a few rooms. There's simply nothing to equal it, in my opinion! If you want to know just how GOOD you can feel, give me a call. I'd love to talk with you about your health concerns and set up an appointment so you can be on your way to feeling AMAZING.
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