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Fibromyalgia aching nearly gone; 10-lb Weight Loss in 6 weeks

I have lost a total of 10 lbs since 6 weeks ago, and I have a lot more energy and hardly ache at all—it used to be chronic. In face I notice that when I eat sugar is when I ache a lot more.   My house is a lot cleaner too because I feel good enough to clean—before I was embarrassed to have anyone over!

Sleep, Energy, PMS, Heartburn

Before I came, I couldn’t sleep well at night, had no energy, could not lose weight, craved chocolate, and had horrible PMS symptoms not to mention heartburn for which I was on 2 Acid Reducers per day.

In the first 4 days I lost 6 LBS, and now several months later I have lost a total of 15 lbs and I feel great!  I am sleeping great; I have energy to work out or play basketball with my kids every evening. My PMS symptoms are gone; my mood is much better; and even my fingernails which used to break and chip are now growing stronger. My heartburn is almost non-existent, and I don’t even get the occasional headaches I used to. This has completely changed how I feel.

Superwoman is back!

Good morning Valerie, I just wanted to thank you.  For the first time in a VERY LONG TIME! I was happily awake this morning before my family and the sun.  The last 2 nights I have been able to fall asleep very quickly and I don’t have a “crash” in the afternoon…I was super woman yesterday!  I'm glad we’ve connected, it’s been exactly what I needed!  See you again soon.


Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time you did with me today.  We were impressed; you really know your stuff.  You have a way of making the patient feel very comfortable while being very knowledgeable and professional.  I can see why you were so highly recommended.


Severe Food Allergies Cleared Give Immediate Results

I just wanted to give you a little update and say thank you!  I know it is still early and I have definitely started to feel some mild detox/flu like symptoms (still gasy, bit bloated, headachy, swollen lymph nodes, stuffy nose, etc.), but wow... I haven't felt like I want to throw up after eating at all since I came to see you!  I feel OK after meals instead of feeling like I can't move.

It is just amazing how much better I already feel...I really hope it lasts.  THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't wait to learn more from you.  I hope my whole family will one day get to come for an appointment with you.

Digestion & Energy Better


I feel lighter—my digestive system is happier, not upset like it was with many foods. Bowel movements are better, and I have more stamina throughout the day. Before, I felt like going back to bed halfway through the day!

Life Back

I’ve definitely seen an energy improvement! My husband says I have more “life”. Also my dry eyes are better.

Faster Metabolism and Weight Loss

I have been doing extra protein like you suggested, and I’ve lost 14 lbs in the last 6 weeks!  I can tell it really IS speeding my metabolism. I couldn’t believe it--Last weekend I went to a conference where we had all sorts of comfort food--potatoes, and PIE—and you know I’m a Southern gal and I had to have some--and at breakfast we only had pastries and fruit, but I only gained 1.4 lbs!  Before it would have been 5, easily!  For the first time in my life I know I can reach my weight loss goals because I am healthy enough to!

Pancreatitis no more

A year ago I was in the hospital for 3 months with pancreatitis and nobody could tell me what was causing it. Since coming to you, you’ve not only fixed that but so many other things--I feel a lot more energetic and back to my old happy self.

The other day after you helped clear a lot of stored stress for me and my husband (most of it relating to our marriage), we have gotten along better—he is treating me nicer and acting softer toward me.  And I’m clearer-headed—I’m actually remembering things!  Like taking my protein powder which has helped me start losing inches and everybody is noticing!

I thank God for you, darling, He has given you a special gift and I tell everyone I meet how much you’ve helped me!

Gluten, Corn, & Multiple Food Allergies Cleared

We consider it a miracle and answer to prayer that we found Valerie. Ray has been on a very restricted diet for 10 years due to food allergies and I was almost despairing of what to cook for him anymore as I had to make everything at home. He was living off brown rice, potatoes, green beans, and the few gluten-free baked goods I could make. After one session with Valerie in which she cleared all his allergies, he didn’t break out to anything eaten out at a restaurant. Also he’s only getting up twice at night instead of 3 or 4 times. (Ray says—I can’t believe my energy level—don’t tell my wife or she might put me to work. :))

Dizziness/shakiness gone


I’ve seen such a change—you should have seen me before I came here.  My hand would shake so bad I couldn’t sign checks, food would fall off my fork, I’d have to shovel it in. Now I can sign checks; I have no problem with my hands shaking like before. I don’t feel dizzy like I used to…I’m really happy with my progress.

I’ve lost 5 pounds since starting more protein as you recommended!

Instant results with Laser Clearing

I left yesterday and I noticed that my back pain that we worked on completely left. And today it’s gone. I’m so grateful! I think my other complaint of a rash has diminished too. That was so quick--and like you said, when I got home I started cleaning!!! This is so amazing. Thank you for all your hard work.

God brought me to you, and I am glad He did.  I am so very hopeful that I will experience the type of healing that makes me want to scream from the mountain tops and really share with the world. Good things so far-- I had a very sweet 7th grader notice at practice today that I was much more active than at last weeks Wed practice........I thought that was pretty cool on several levels and I thought you would get a kick out of it!


Lyme’s Tick Bite Cleared Up

My daughter had gotten a big tick bite. I did NOT want to go o the medical doctor, because that means antibiotics, pulled-down immunity, etc. So I brought her to Valerie. Within the next week the spot started looking better, and in a month it was completely gone. Interestingly enough, after she started the program, the tick bite, which was a huge hard knot, actually opened up and oozed…we think it was the infection coming out instead of going in. We’re thrilled with the results!

Boy with Asthma

Regarding my 3 year old boy who was on about 7 different allergy medications for asthma and allergies, after your first allergy-clearing session with him I noticed he wasn’t coughing as much, and we were able to go to Subway and eat and he didn’t have any type of problem at all—last time we were in there he actually had an asthma attack!  Even if he was just eating pizza he would cough—now he’s fine. He did come down with a cold a few weeks ago but it has NOT gone to his chest like it would have before.  I am so glad I found you—I have been telling my family and they are all watching him to see how he does!

Overall Health Improvement

I’m really glad my parents got to see you. They haven’t stopped talking about their visit and how much better they feel! My grandma is very impressed with you as well, just from her phone consultation with you. Thanks for what you are doing for them also!

Chronic pain Eliminated with Allergy Clearing

After you cleared my enzyme allergy last visit, I have to tell you--it’s a miracle. I’m finally feeling better. I’m WORKING OUT AGAIN. In the last year and a half I’d have a day or two here and there that I felt like it, but nothing like now. In the last two weeks I’ve been running trails, 2-3 miles of up and down, 4-5x/week!

I keep thinking I’m going to “pay for it” and I do feel some fatigue in my muscles but not excruciating pain. It’s crazy but wonderful! Thanking God!

Fibro pain 50% less in 10 days (!)

The difference. Is. incredible. My pain during the day is waaay less. Before it was like an 8, now it’s 4 or less. Instead of waking up crabby and tired, I wake up ready to go. I feel more enthused to do what I need to do. My heartburn is so much better even though I stopped the Prilosec. I just FEEl better!

Chronic stomach pain gone

I just realized I don’t remember the last time that I woke up with a pain in my abdomen. It used to happen all the time!!

Twice-yearly bronchitis infections gone!

You know what, I haven’t really had any allergy problems like in the past. I haven’t taken my allergy pill since I’ve seen you!  Before I would always get bronchitis that would turn into pneumonia, twice a year, spring and fall, without fail. I just realized that I didn’t have any trouble this fall! That is a huge improvement!

1st Month Report: Thyroid Improved

Within the first 2 weeks I was sleeping better and waking up with more energy—not feeling like I need to stay in bed. :) I had my thyroid tested and my TSH levels are better after just a month! My Vitamin D level is improved, AND I’ve lost 6 lbs!!!

Restful sleep restored

I am happy to report a good night's sleep. (-;  Thank you!!!  I was up twice (firmly entrenched habit by now!) but able to peacefully settle back into dreamy sleep.  The first time (1:30 or so) I drank water, felt slightly queasy, and so took a dose of my custom blend.  Viola!  Back to sleep and BLISS!
My face feels better where the pesky acne has been flaring, too! Again, thank you!


We have nothing but good things to report! My 11-year-old son had chronic headaches, low energy, and was diagnosed with ADD. The very next day after he started the supplements, I asked him how he felt and he said “I didn’t get a headache at school like I always do!”
I notice he’s also able to get better control when things anger him (ADD)—he can think more rationally rather than emotionally. And—he has more energy! We’re so excited and happy, I plan on setting up an appointment for myself soon!

Food Sensitivities/Digestive issues Started to Resolve Right Away

After just 4 weeks, I don’t have the nausea I dealt with every day; I feel more comfortable in my stomach. I’m sleeping better—when I wake up at night I’m able to go back to sleep right away. My bad days are less often and I have a lot more good days!  I’m amazed at how well this works and how you were able to pinpoint what was going on and what I needed, so exactly!  

Better Energy; Back Pain Much Improved

After the first visit, I noticed more energy, as in I don’t fall asleep unwittingly before 10:30. :) It is definitely easier to get going in the mornings. And actually my shoulder and lower back felt better the first day on the supplements!

A miracle: Pancreatic cysts SHRINKING

A year ago I had tests done that revealed I had a pancreatic cysts…this year when they redid the tests my nurse said, “Not only is your cyst not growing—it’s SHRINKING, and that never happens! I’ve had a lot of experience with these, been doing this for years and I’ve never seen this happen!  There won’t be any need to set up an appointment with the specialist—you’re too healthy to see the doctor!!”

I’m so relieved—I knew the results of surgery for pancreatic cysts are horrible—the nurse had said it changes your life forever, and not in a good way. I’m very glad I started coming to you 6 months ago!

-note from Valerie: we did not do anything special for this (because I actually did not know about it when she first came!) other than the steps we follow for everyone: which is to find out the body’s stressors, get rid of them, and provide supplements that allow complete rebuilding of every cell and organ. :) The immune system is ready and willing to heal pretty much anything if only given the chance.


Energy Restored

After 2 weeks, I have a lot more energy and am annoying people at work again. ;) And thank goodness, no more nausea either!

MCS gone; mental focus back

I tell you, it is such a blessing not to be dizzy from chemicals anymore. I was avoiding the cafeteria at lunch where I work because of the chemicals and now I don’t feel any “swimmy” reaction—and the other day I had a big presentation to do and I felt clear as a bell.  It’s been ages since I’ve felt that good! I was really getting worried about my health before I came here!

Fungal itching

My hands used to itch so bad I’d scratch them nearly raw. Now in the first month since coming, instead of taking my anti-itch medicine 3 times a week, I think I only took it—once?—in the last month? :)

Hormones regulated; no more sinus infections

I can’t believe I couldn’t feel when I ovulated last month—and I had a short 5-day period instead of 7-day ridiculousness.  I also haven’t gotten a sinus infection this winter and I used to get 1 or 2 every year. What a relief.  

Pollen allergies 90% gone

For the trees looking this way, I’m only 10% as stuffy now as I was before. I’m so excited!

BP down dramatically, no more hot flashes

What I noticed in the first 3 weeks:   I definitely have more energy, my daughter says I’m nicer and do you know—I don’t believe I’ve had ANY hot flashes since I saw you last.  I also don’t have the sinus headache over my eyes anymore.  The other week I took my blood pressure at Walmart—it was the best it’s been in a long time! 125 over 77! It used to be 135 or more!  I told my husband SOMEthing’s happening, lol.

(note from Valerie—2 major things we did right away was to clear a gluten allergy that was causing the high blood pressure, and clear out an old chronic viral infection that was causing the hot flashes. The laser clearing is so effective at getting to the root of many symptoms!)

Low Vit D Corrected by Clearing Allergy

After you cleared my allergy to Vitamin D, the next test at my doctor’s showed my vitamin D is now in the normal range; my calcium dropped 2 points to the normal range AND my thyroid was also in the normal range!

Chronic Migraines & Fibromyalgia Improving

I just want to share this morning. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines and fibromyalgia last year. Its been a really really really hard year for me. Weight gain, pain unbearable, losing my ability to basically do anything, the mental aspect is just as bad. after trying alot of medicines and botox, I finally said there had to be a way to fix me. Not mask it, but fix me. I started seeing a nutritionist about 2 months ago. I was in bad bad shape. Hardly able to walk. Using a cane, etc. She has started pumping me with vitamins, minerals, supplements and detoxing my body. It is an ongoing process. Through the layers we have had allergies pop up, metals, medicine allergies, parasites, fungus, food allergies,so much to name! God brought her into my life and I'm so thankful. I've had 3 awesome weekends. I didn't think I’d ever have again. It IS A PROCESS! But THANK THE LORD, I now see a light at the end of my tunnel! I'm having to change alot in my life. Basing my day on the spoon theory.

And picking what's most important. I'm now looking forward to the weekends. I still have a long long way to go, but I'm so thankful for friends that gave me that push to go see Valerie. I will highly recommend her.

Energy Renewed, Blood Pressure Lowered

Even with stopping 2 out of 4 blood pressure medications, my blood pressure has been down more than normal, even before taking the other 2 meds! I always slept in late, felt exhausted and ran out of steam quickly during the day. Now I wake up an hour earlier than normal, feeling wide awake…and one day in the first couple days after seeing Valerie I felt so good I did all sorts of things at home I hadn’t been able to do in the last year and a half. If I feel any better I might not be able to stand myself!   

Migraines; sinus congestion gone

I’m so happy--No more migraines, especially during “that time” of the month! (I used to always have it for 3 days.) No more sinus issues either--even when traveling on a recent trip, I didn’t get clogged up. I feel way more productive at home; more patient with my kids. The tension in my shoulders I constantly carried is gone. AND I don’t feel the need to constantly snack any more—the low blood sugar has started resolving!

Weight Loss

When I came to Abundant Life, I was overweight and a potential candidate for diabetes and high blood pressure. I was looking to not only lose pounds but in such a way that would reset my hypothalamus to keep the weight off. During the diet she put me on, in which she monitored me closely to support my body as it got rid of all those fat cells, I lost weight at a rate of ¾ lb a day, had high energy, needed less sleep, and was able to work 12-16 hour days.  At the end of the first round I have lost 20 pounds and my energy continues to remain high, my flexibility is much better, and I continue to get by on less sleep. I feel wonderful and I’m looking forward to doing another round in January to permanently lose more weight. Thank you, Valerie!   


Spring Allergies Gone


Thought you'd like a progress report....I just mowed the lawn and got through the whole process with 2 sneezes. This would have been impossible a year ago. And my eyes have not been a bit itchy. Something's working!  Yeaaaa... Thank you! :) :)

Weight Loss

I have lost approx 35 lbs since Nov which isn't super fast but it enough to have clothes that are too large! And love being able to get back farther in my closet for smaller dresses! :) My son is 15 and we started the same time....I am SO PROUD of him....he lost approx 85 lbs so far...yes! I have a new kid!!

Headaches Gone; Energy to Workout

I haven’t had any headaches since the first visit, and I used to get them all the time!  (One thing that helped was I cut out the diet sodas that were contributing to them.) Surprisingly I don’t have the craving for sweets like I used to—not after every meal like it was. Last week in the mornings I started running treadmill—which I would NOT have had the energy for before. Now I’m planning on doing a 5 K soon!
The kids and my husband say I’m a different person! ;-)

Energy; Weight Loss; Peaceful attitude

Hi Valerie! Oh, i feel like a brand new person inside and out! This past week was unheard for me before I met you. I have practically been going 18 hours with renewed energy on cleaning my house for upcoming guests. It has amazed me too that I rarely get tired or hungry when staying so active. I am loving my peaceful & more joyful attitude and perspective which is helping me stay in tune with the Lord so much easier. My weight continues to drop which is amazing. Everything fits so much better! Yea!

Turning Back the Clock

I feel like I felt 20 years ago—I don’t need as much sleep. My fingers and feet that hurt and were half numb from diabetes don’t hurt anymore.  I feel more loving toward my husband—before I didn’t want him to touch me. I don’t know what has happened to me but I like it—I know it’s Valerie. :)

Osteoarthritis/joint Pain Gone, Sleeping Much Better

I used to wake every couple hours at night. Now my sleeping’s great and I have more energy in the morning—I feel like getting up instead of just laying there thinking  “ugh…” The minerals especially helped with energy. My joints used to hurt all the time, it was pretty much constant. Now I hardly ache at all. I told my friend the other day it’s such a relief not to hurt anymore!  I just feel good!

Stopped Meds for Diabetes & Blood Pressure

I was able to get off two meds last week, one for blood sugar and one for blood pressure. Got my reports back on liver and kidney and they were fantastic—my blood sugar is 99 now!

Off 2 Meds; Stomach Pain Resolved

I told my husband that since I walked out of here my stomach hasn’t hurt once. Haven’t had headaches once either—used to get them once a week. I don’t overeat like I used to—I used to never feel full before. I’ve been able to get off 2 blood pressure meds since the first visit—this is a miracle because I’ve been taking them 5 years!

“Uncurable” Psoriatic Arthritis symptoms gone

Before I came to Valerie I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis which gave me joint pain so bad it made it hard to sleep. Now, I have a tiny bit of pain in my wrist, but I don’t have anything like I did before—the pain is 90% gone.  I was on THREE Advill a day—now ZERO.  My toes used to be swollen like sausages—now they’re not swollen at all. I just feel fabulous!!!  I get such good sleep now—I’m not waking up in pain. In fact, I’m a little worried that I sleep too much!  

Severe stomach cramps/IBS stopped

I had frequent stomach pains and IBS which was affecting me every time I ate. After one visit it improved 95%, especially since she found a gluten intolerance and I stopped eating gluten. I’ve made some other dietary changes besides that, focusing on fish and vegetables, and as a side bonus, I lost 12 pounds in the first month!

Just wanting to report

Good energy enough to work out
More positive outlook.
Acne cleared up
Starting the supplements and changing my diet from one of mostly processed foods to home-cooked meals, I have more energy and my acne has really improved.

Child’s Migraines Resolved

My daughter used to get migraines almost every day. Her right side/liver area would hurt, and she had pretty bad allergies.

Since starting the program, especially with the enzymes and minerals, she hasn’t had a migraine in a month! Also her allergies aren’t bothering her! By this time in the spring they’re usually bad by now. She kept missing school—an average of over 30 days a year. Now in the last few months she’s missed hardly any. It’s SO nice not to hear her complain about this pain or that pain…!

Back/neck Pain Gone

My neck lymph nodes were always swollen and I was on allergy medication.
And I’ve never gone shopping at Walmart without my back hurting. But after starting the supplements, I noticed the other week at Walmart my back didn’t hurt when I came out—usually I come out like I’m 80 years old. :) And after that I went home and vacuumed 2 levels! Normally I can vacuum only 1 level at a time. My son was amazed. My lymph nodes have gone down and my neck has quit hurting also.  We’re loving the results!


Fertility/PCOS; Weight loss

I’m just so excited I had to share! I started my period yesterday! First period in 71 days since I stopped inducing them with provera; but first period on my OWN in a couple years! :) And, I lost 3.5 pounds my first week of weight watchers, after you cleared the allergy to my thyroid hormone and all the subconscious blocks that I had regarding losing weight.


Chocolate cravings STOPPED

It’s crazy how much better I feel! I haven’t been as hungry and I feel full after I eat! oh and not as bad sugar cravings!! I walked past chocolate and wasn’t even bothered. :) thank you!!

Acne GONE; no Proactive needed (!)

Love this! From a college student who walked in with NO MAKE-UP on for the first time in the last several years of her life, and enjoys clear skin now: "I think about it all the time—like what would have happened if I hadn’t come here and you had found all these underlying infections like fungus and bacteria causing my acne—it would never have gone away and I would have gotten scars on my face and needed to pay several grand to have laser work to remove the scars…I don’t want to think about it—I’m just so glad I came. My hormones have balanced out—my flow is a lot lighter, I have energy to work out again, I’m not exhausted all the time like I used to be, I don’t get headaches anymore…pretty much everything is taken care of!"


Young folks have “all the energy,” right? Wrong!  They can have just as many health issues…that can all be reversed when we get to the root: This is from a college student who had severe gluten and other allergies and was tired all the time despite being on a gluten-free diet.

Valerie you’re an absolute superstar! I’ve never that this much energy since I was little! I’ve been go go going all day long – school, work, exercising…and I still feel like I could keep going for hours. My head is clear and all I’ve felt is joy and peace. Thank you so much!!



You’re the best! I so appreciate how you put yourself out there to help with so many issues--you go above and beyond. I have met a lot of practitioners in the last 6 years of my healing journey but none has impacted me the way you have.  You were able to break through the reason why I was so depressed and bipolar, and assist my body in healing itself from everything that was going on. Last weekend was my sister’s wedding and I felt so GOOD, it felt wonderful!  I have a picture of me standing with the mountain in the background, sun shining through my hair, with a joyful serene smile on my face and I really felt it!  I am out of the black hole and I have hope that I can, with God’s help, create a life that has everything wonderful in it. Thank you so so much!

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