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Auto-Immune Health Issues ARE Fixable, Not Just Manageable!

While the number of auto-immune diagnoses is growing every year, the truth I have discovered more recently is that EVERYONE has some auto-immune allergies whether they know it or not. I have found it is possible to become allergic to literally any part of yourself - including organ tissue, nerves, specific cells such as white blood cells or red blood cells, and even your own hormones.

I get so excited with this discovery because I am able to fix SOOOO many more health issues than ever before by looking for and clearing allergies to any part of the body!

A super interesting thing I have discovered is that allergies to cells in the body whose job it is to produce something, seems to cause them to "spazz out" and produce TOO much of whatever it is they are producing. This discovery has led me to figure out the root problems of many conditions the medical field is still at a loss to explain why it is happening.

For example, an allergy to the mast cells and/or basophils, which both produce histamine in response to allergens or infections such as viruses, seems to cause them to over-react with TOO much histamine in response to an allergen. In most cases of (especially severe) hives I have seen, this is a main underlying problem. Clearing this allergy while also subsequently clearing everything else the client is allergic to allows the immune system to stop over-reacting, and the hives go away.

In another instance, I discovered that a severe allergy to the glial cells (cells that produce GABA the calming brain chemical) was causing a major overproduction of GABA constantly and causing narcolepsy (severe daytime sleepiness) in one of my clients. When we cleared this, we actually both felt the "brain fuzz" lift and within 2 weeks she was off her stimulant and has had no more narcolepsy symptoms!

This is not talked about in any literature I know of but as I have the ability to test any allergy I have made quite a few such astounding discoveries in the past while.

As another example, I discovered that an allergy to the white bone marrow is an overlooked cause of anemia for many people. The job of the white bone marrow is to produce white blood cells (as the job of the red bone marrow is to produce red blood cells). When it is irritated via the immune system attacking it, it seems to produce TOO many white blood cells. Why is that a problem? Greater immunity right? Well not exactly. The job of certain white blood cells is to "gobble up" red blood cells at the end of their lifespan. It appears that extra white blood cells don't know how to lounge around unemployed, but instead go about their assigned task of gobbling up red blood cells even BEFORE the end of their life span. This causes an auto-immune anemia which no amount of iron pills would fix - only by clearing the allergy to the white bone marrow which allows the white blood cell count to lower to normal, is this issue fixed, and anemia corrected.

Interestingly, several clients for whom I found this issue reported that their blood work in the past showed elevated white blood cells with no apparent reason; this would seem to explain it.

Examples of several other auto-immune allergies I have found include:

  1. Allergy to the proton pumps in the stomach causes an overproduction of stomach acid (with symptoms of acid reflux, stomach pain, and even nausea and lack of appetite)

  2. Allergy to the Ovarian Hilus Cells (produce testosterone in women) is a root cause of PCOS as they are releasing too much testosterone ALL. THE. TIME.

  3. Allergy to the Sympathetic Nerves ("go" mode nervous system) causes hyperactivity and "squirrel" energy mentally and physically. (this is actually more common than you might think)

  4. Allergy to the Vagus Nerve ("slow" mode nervous system) causes chronic fatigue (no joke I have found over 100 clients with this issue in the past 8 months alone.)

  5. Allergy to the Alpha Cells in the Pancreas which release glucagon causes an overproduction of glucagon (hormone that raises blood sugar). This seems to be a root cause of diabetes literally NO ONE is looking at; however clearing this allergy and letting Glucagon levels fall back to normal is helping all of my diabetic clients return to more normal sugar levels!

  6. Allergy to the Small Intestine or Colon tissue is one main cause of IBS, as the digestive tissue is irritated constantly.

  7. Allergy to GABA (calming brain chemical) or Dopamine (pleasure, reward brain chemical) leads to lower-than-normal levels which can contribute to anxiety/inability to relax.

  8. Allergy to certain neurons in the brain seem to be a root cause of seizures as it is causing them to over-fire electrical energy (usually accompanied by multiple other issues such as nutrient deficiencies and toxins but this is an important previously-undiscovered cause.)

  9. Allergy to the Lung tissue and Aveoli in particular is a root cause of asthma; it is constantly being irritated and inflamed by the immune system attacking it.

This realm of auto-immune allergies is ever-expanding for me in my practice but there are so many I have discovered at this point that are making a world of difference for my clients, because the best news is - they are ALL fixable with the allergy-clearing method we use! It is possible using laser technology to reset your body to no longer be allergic to any part of your body OR to any external allergens. Combined with the correct supplements to support your body's healing, it provides a fast-track to health - not to mention more ENERGY because your body isn't using it all up fighting itself! ;)


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