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Feeling overly tired all the time?

Do you struggle with fatigue, with afternoon sleepiness, with feeling like sugar/caffeine is the only thing that revives you but it’s short-acting? Do you push yourself through every day, knowing you need to exercise but lacking the energy to do so?

What causes it?

Many different things can be at the root of fatigue, but the top reasons as found in my practice are:

  • Food allergy(s) –gluten, dairy, and sugar are the top culprits

  • Metal or chemical toxins (from plastics, pesticides, and metal fillings primarily)

  • Scars—usually old episiotomy or C-Section scars—any surgical scars more than 2 years old

Other Contributors

  • Low Vitamin D

  • Sluggish thyroid

  • Chemical toxins

  • Candida overgrowth or other chronic infections

Many people have these issues and more causing low energy. All these stressors act as "energy drains," using up energy WE need! Like apps running in the background on your phone draining you battery before the end of the day, many people have multiple issues lowering their energy and causing them to feel prematurely wiped out before evening. The great news is, NRT can pinpoint and resolve ALL the causes of low energy.


Schedule an initial appointment which will reveal the root cause, whatever it may be! The thorough evaluation will check for metal & chemical toxins, food allergies, fungus, parasites, and scar interference, and other reasons. Rest assured that whatever we find is totally fixable; there is no reason to live your life tired all the time.

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