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Handle Allergy Symptoms with Laser Allergy Clearing Technique

The Allergy Clearing Method Used by Abundant Life reprograms the body to respond favorably to the foods you eat, instead of having an allergic reaction.

When you're having an allergic reaction, the allergen is causing the body to react negatively and causes stress and thinks that the food can harm the body instead of nourish it. Our natural allergy treatment helps your body reestablish a positive relationship with the allergen. When we are having an allergic response, the acupuncture meridians are freaking out and the communication inside the brain is impaired. By stimulating acupuncture meridians with a special laser in the presence of the allergen, we're able to change the incorrect response and eliminate the allergic symptoms in the process. Vials are used instead of the actual food. The vials are a homeopathic representation of the actual food that we're treating and tells the body what allergen we are treating.

By stimulating the acupuncture meridians, the body calms down. It's that simple, and the next time you come in contact with the allergen, the body stays in a balanced state and has no reaction.

This natural, drug-free, painless, noninvasive method can be used safely on people of all ages and levels of health. It can be used on pets, children, the elderly, anyone.

Do you experience:

  • "food allergies” that severely limit your diet (and nourishment)

  • sensitivities to things in your environment that restrict your quality of life

  • Weight gain?

  • Digestive trouble?

  • Headaches?

  • Constipation?

  • Acne?

  • Fibromyalgia?

  • Eczema?

  • Sugar cravings?

  • Sinus congestion?

  • Inability to focus?

  • Fatigue?

Many parents don’t realize that hyperactivity, distractibility and aggressive behavior can be triggered by food intolerances. In her book Is This Your Child?, Dr. Doris Rapp documented that 67% of children given a diagnosis of ADHD were actually reacting to unrecognized food and environmental allergies or sensitivities.

In clinical practice I have found that to be totally true! Most children who come in have a major food allergy even if they AREN’T diagnosed with ADHD, and when we clear it their concentration in school improves dramatically. (Click here for an article on ADHD) The reason is Allergies can cause a partial disconnect from right brain to left brain, making it extremely difficult to focus.

How do we detect allergies without an antibody test?

Everything on earth can be recognized by its unique energy resonance. Resonance basically means how something vibrates, its harmonic tone so to speak. Energy resonance is another way our bodies tell things apart; our bodies can sense whether something is helpful or harmful by the effect it creates on the body’s normal energy flow.

Contact with a harmful substance alters the normal flow of energy through the body’s electrical circuits, the nervous system, interfering with communication between the brain and body. This is the first step in a chain of events which can develop into a recurring allergy.

The Allergy Elimination Technique treats the problem at its source by retraining the body so it no longer reacts inappropriately. Our bodies associate a substance as “helpful” or “harmful” by its energetic properties (as well as its chemical form). So it is possible to retrain how the body responds by restoring normal energy flow in the presence of that substance.

Basically, it works like this: Similar to what we do in Nutrition Response Testing, in the presence of closed vials containing very small and safe quantities of the allergen (the substance that your body reacts to), we check a muscle reflex in your extended arm. If your body is affected by the substance, the reflex in your arm will change. In this way we can determine what substances affect you and which systems, exactly, are being affected.

Then we stimulate acupuncture meridians with a special laser in the presence of the allergen to change the incorrect response and eliminate the allergic reaction.

Does it really eliminate the allergy?

Yes! In fact, some brilliant work at UCLA has measured changed brain waves when a person is exposed to an allergic substance—that same research shows that the brain waves go back to normal when the person is desensitized to the energy resonance of that substance and then re-exposed to it.

The proof is in the results: Our clients who used to have reactions to various foods now find they can eat them with no problem!

How many do you clear at a time, and how long does this “clearance” last?

In one session a person can have several to a dozen substances fully addressed. In our experience, desensitization is lasting.

HOWEVER, until their gut completely heals, as during a full nutritional program, there is the possibility it can reoccur by slipping through the still-“leaky” gut and causing the immune system to react. (click here for more info on leaky gut) But since we monitor a person’s healing closely during their program, if any allergies recur we easily clear it again. And soon they no longer react to anything!

Isn’t it great to know that there is a drug-free, practical solution to allergies and intolerance? We think so! We’ve seen nothing to compare to this method! Please know, if you have allergies, there's finally a way to get your life back. Don’t live with the inconvenience any longer; call us and set up an appointment to start saying goodbye to allergies once and for all!


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