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Not Sleeping Well at Night?

Do you feel tired at night but you still can’t fall asleep? Or you awake several hours after falling asleep and can't go back to sleep?

Many things can block your body from fully transitioning from "awake" mode to sleep mode.

What Causes Sleep Issues?

  • Food allergies

  • Hormone allergies

  • Allergy to melatonin (sleep hormone)

  • Chronic infection in the pineal gland

  • Allergy to the vagus nerve (parasympathetic part of your nervous system responsible for "winding down" your body at night)

  • Liver/GB congestion (the liver's time to cleanse itself is between 1-3 a.m.; if you regularly wake up during this time it can be because something is blocking your liver's ability to cleanse - this could include liver and gallstones or parasites, etc)

  • Metal fillings

  • Adrenal fatigue. Sometimes this will lead to high cortisol at night instead of in the morning, blocking melatonin release.

All of these issues can block your body from fully transitioning to sleep mode. Just like computers have an “awake mode” and a “sleep mode,” we do also. And our bodies should be able to transition smoothly between the 2 modes when appropriate. BUT just like sometimes when your computer gets stuck in awake mode and won’t power down, your body can also get stuck in “awake/go” mode and won’t power down. We call it being “blocked." Many people become stuck in this mode for years.

This state is extremely fatiguing, because it eats up energy and feels like a continual power drain is going on. Yet at the same time the lights are “still on” at night and it prevents you from falling into a sound sleep.

Natural Solutions

A consultation will thoroughly pinpoint all causes of your body being "stuck" in awake mode, and provide solutions to them over the course of several months. After going through the full 4-month healing program, all of my clients with sleep issues - no matter what the root cause - report sleeping much better!


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