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Therapeutic Solutions for Asthma

What if you knew there was a natural way to stop asthma by getting to the root cause—an over-reaction of the immune system to something it should handle normally?? At Abundant Life we’ve found that allergies and asthma go hand in hand, and we have had success with asthma by first of all detecting which allergies are present, then using a cold laser to stimulate certain acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen, reprogramming the body to respond favorably to whatever was causing the immune stress and corresponding restriction of the airwaves. The next time the person comes in contact with the allergen, the body stays in a balanced state and has no reaction.

In the case of Asthma, most often there are infections in the lungs which are "stuck" and the immune system needs help in eradicating them. Once they are gone, the lungs can heal and asthma symptoms can completely go away!

Most medical professionals use medications and inhalers to control the condition, creating side effects later in life because of only treating the symptoms. Getting to the root by clearing the allergy or getting rid of any infections is a much safer alternative.

Due to our modern devitalized, processed foods with added chemicals and antibiotics, we find that most people, especially children, are very deficient in the nutritional components such as enzymes and minerals that their bodies need in order to maintain health. This causes a myriad of symptoms plus stresses the immune system and hampers its ability to keep the body clean and free from disease.


At Abundant Life we don’t just focus on allergies however: a complete evaluation will determine what other barriers are preventing your body from operating at its best and work to systematically remove them while providing nutritional support so the body can resolve its health problems naturally. To determine the underlying causes of your symptoms, we utilize Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), a quick, non-invasive, clinically proven system of analyzing the body. It is one of the fastest ways to accurately detect food allergies, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, infections such as Candida and parasites, and stressed organs, as well as the exact solutions that will work with your biochemistry.

Throw away your inhaler and breathe a sigh of relief once and for all.

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