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Solutions for Headaches & Migraines

Migraines and headaches are painful and often debilitating. Affecting 28 million Americans, migraines are one of the most frequent health concerns yet unfortunately there is often no medical solution except for pain medication.

It may be surprising to learn that 75% of migraine sufferers are women. Hormone changes exacerbate them, as migraines are associated with menstruation in 60% of women.

However there is an underlying cause that I stumbled upon quite by accident 2 years ago that I am now finding seems to be the main reason for migraines and chronic headaches in about 95% of my clients.

Two years ago I gave a client a supplement that fixes blood clots as we found a spot in her left calf that we suspected was the cause of some pain and cramping, and it tested well for this supplement that dissolves blood clots. The astonishing thing was - after a week, not only was the pain in the leg gone but she reported her almost-daily headaches were also gone!

I looked it up and sure enough - blood clots can be a common cause of headaches and migraines. Who knew?! There is in fact plenty of medical literature about it but unless it is big enough to show up on a scan (it often isn't), they can be missed completely. My guess now is that it is just difficult for the clot from a tiny burst blood vessel inside the head to completely dissolve, without help of some kind. This issue is now typically solved in about 3 weeks in my practice and eradicates these headaches for good.

Top Causes of Headaches/Migraines

  • Minor blood clots from past head trauma (even decades prior, such as hit in the head with a baseball bat or soccer ball as a kid, falling and hitting your head, or receiving a concussion)

  • Chronic low-level viral infection in brain (often from retroviruses, viruses that replicate differently from others and is very hard for the immune system to eradicate fully)

  • Allergy to progesterone (resulting high estrogen can be inflammatory)

  • Aspartame (found in diet drinks & sugar-free foods…it is a brain neurotoxin meaning it kills brain cells. I always get a headache if I consume anything with aspartame.)

  • MSG (monosodium glutamate, another neurotoxin) and chemicals in processed foods

  • Food allergies. For example, wheat or gluten

  • Birth control pill (often increases estrogen in the body)

  • Low magnesium or potassium


You don’t have to suffer needlessly with headaches! Let's figure out the root causes and find natural solutions, including clearing any hormone allergies permanently with our laser technology, clearing allergies, getting rid of any viruses, and balancing hormones naturally! I have not had ONE migraine sufferer continue to have migraines once we figured out and fixed the root cause, and in most cases, their headaches started to diminish after the very first visit.


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