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What Causes ADD/ADHD?

Many parents will acknowledge that too much soda and candy makes their kids bounce off the walls on a sugar high, but what if a child's persistent hyperactivity was caused by tomatoes, eggs, gluten or some other seemingly innocuous food? That is what a Dutch study published found: In kids with ADHD, researchers found that putting them on a restrictive diet to eliminate possible, previously unknown food allergies or sensitivities decreased hyperactivity for 64 percent of kids.

Another study involved 20 children between the ages of 5 and 18, all of whom had been diagnosed with ADHD. The results? Eight of the children (40 percent) were diagnosed with asthma or atopic dermatitis; three (23 percent) with allergic rhinitis, and nine (69 percent) had at least one positive allergy test. Fifteen of the 20 also had a history of at least two allergic symptoms.

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

  • Inattention

  • Distracts easily

  • Focus problems

  • Gets bored easily, especially something they don't like.

  • Organizational skills are usually lacking

  • Learning new skills can be a challenge

  • Poor follow through. Not finishing homework assignments, losing homework and misplacing items are typical.

  • Doesn't seem like they're listening when spoken to.

  • Daydreams

  • Problems following directions, becomes confused.

  • Constant talking

  • Must touch everything in sight.

  • Has trouble sitting still in school, at dinner or on the bus.

  • Is constantly in motion.

  • Problems with quiet time.

  • Blurts out inappropriate comments, shows emotions without restraint and act without regard to consequences

  • Has difficulty waiting for a reward or waiting in line.

  • Often interrupt conversations.

Top Causes of ADD/ADHD

  • Food Allergies—mainly wheat and sugar

  • Metal or Chemical Toxicity

  • Lack of Sufficient Diverse Strains of Probiotics ( without sufficient strains, absorption of many nutrients and minerals is compromised, especially magnesium which is calming)

  • Low Magnesium Levels (magnesium is calming to the nervous system and our food sources are woefully inadequate)

It is definitely *not* Ritalin deficiency!

A while ago I was blessed to work on a child who was on the fringe of being diagnosed with ADHD....something his family did NOT want to have happen....and I'm happy to report that the main thing affecting his brain's ability to think was - Food Allergies.

Mainly to Wheat and Sugar, but others showed up as well. This finding is backed by several studies which show links of food allergies to children with ADD/ADHD.

The truth is, in my client’s case, that allergies were disconnecting the right side of his brain from the left, meaning he COULDN'T focus well. In 20 minutes we cleared all the food allergies, allowing a reconnection, and started him on supplements to support his immune system. Would you believe, the VERY FIRST WEEKEND his grandma reported his defiance and anger were much less. Several weeks into the school year he came back and reported to me that he could focus better on math (a previously difficult subject). In his words “I’m not exactly smarter at it but I can concentrate better. Also my stamina in running is much better—I can run longer without getting tired.”

This is not just an isolated example; these are routine results for any child who receives allergy clearing at Abundant Life.

Why are children being diagnosed so often with this "condition"? Their foundation of health is worse than their parents due to all the chemicals and non-nutritive foods being added; instead of garden-grown produce, whole-milk dairy products, and meat butchered from the local farm, they are eating antibiotic/hormone-laced chicken, Walmart produce which has next-to-zero nutrients, drinking skim Chocolate Milk with sugar, and boxed mac-and-cheese that has an ingredient list with more chemicals than most shampoos.

Also, consider that Ritalin profits drug companies to the tune of $9 million in 2012.

Adderall, an alternative, profited $820 million in 2012.

Both come with undesirable side effects.


Do you have or know of children diagnosed with--or on the fringe of being diagnosed with--ADD/ADHD? Please send them to Abundant Life, to get to and solve the root of the problem, not mask the symptoms!

How to we solve it? The allergy clearing method we utilize in­volves a laser to stimulate certain acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen, reprogramming the body to respond favorably to the foods you eat instead of having an al­lergic reaction. It not only stops and completely eliminates food allergies, but also addresses pollen, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and vaccination allergies, which are thought to contribute to behavior problems and ADHD. Do yourself and your child a favor and bring peace back to your life! It's fast, easy, safe and permanent.


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